Range Rover windshield won’t read RFID tags

As an experienced Range Rover owner, I know all too well the dreaded reliability issues that come with owning one of these beloved luxury SUVs. From the air suspension failing to electrical gremlins that can pop up seemingly out of nowhere, it’s never a dull moment owning a Range Rover. Recently, I encountered yet another issue with my ride: the windshield wouldn’t read RFID tags!

So if you’re dealing with this issue too, fear not, I’m here to help. In this article, I’ll go in-depth on everything you need to know about this perplexing problem, including symptoms, possible causes, OBD codes, and some potential solutions.

What models are affected?

Signs and symptoms

Before we dive deep into the causes, let’s discuss the symptoms that you can experience when your Range Rover’s windshield won’t read RFID tags:

  • The windshield won’t read RFID tags even when you have a valid one affixed.
  • The RFID tag may intermittently scan rather than work consistently.
  • The RFID tag system may stop working altogether.

List of possible OBD codes

When it comes to diagnosing the issue, you may encounter one or more of the following OBD codes:

  • P1551-00 – RFID Antenna Module Input Performance (This code indicates the RFID reader is receiving inconsistent signals)
  • U1A44 – Invalid data received from primary OBDII/MOBD location (This code indicates an issue with the OBD system that reads and deciphers the data sent by the RFID reader)

Common causes

Several factors may play a role in causing this issue. Here’s a quick list of potential culprits:

  • Broken or Damaged Windshield: A damaged windshield can interfere with the RFID tags’ readability.
  • Failed RFID Antenna: The RFID antenna module could be the cause of the issue. When it fails, it may interfere with the RFID tag’s performance.
  • Faulty RFID Reader: If the RFID reader isn’t functioning correctly, it won’t be able to properly read the RFID tags, which can cause problems.
  • Wiring Issues: A wiring issue within the car’s electrical system can interfere with the RFID reader’s performance, leading to this issue.

Can it be fixed without a mechanic?

While it’s always best to consult with a professional for serious mechanical issues, some fixes don’t require a specialist.

In some cases, you can attempt a repair by yourself. However, diagnosing the issue is the first step, and you may need some expert guidance for that.

Parts you’ll need to fix it

If you’re attempting to fix the issue yourself, you’ll need the following parts:

  • A new RFID antenna module
  • A new windshield (if required)
  • Wiring tools and supplies

Tools you’ll need to fix it

To perform the repair, you should have these tools on hand:

  • Screwdrivers, pliers, and other general hand tools
  • Wire stripping and crimping tools
  • Multimeter
  • Diagnostic scanner

How to fix it

  1. Identify the issue by scanning the RFID codes and OBD codes.
  2. Check if the windshield is cracked or damaged. If yes, replace it.
  3. Check the wiring that feeds the RFID antenna module.
  4. If the main console isn’t receiving the signal, suspect an issue with the RFID reader.
  5. Replace the damaged RFID antenna module
  6. Reassemble the components and retest.

Potential alternative causes

In a few cases, the issue may not stem from the RFID reader. Here are some other possibilities:

  • The RFID tags themselves may be faulty. In this case, you’ll need to replace them.
  • An issue with a vehicle’s battery or power systems.


How much does it cost to fix a Range Rover RFID reader issue?

The price can vary depending on several factors, like the severity of the problem, the need for a new windshield, and whether you’re buying new parts or used ones. Expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $1,000.

Can I still drive the car if the RFID reader is broken?

Yes, you can still drive the car even if the RFID reader isn’t working. However, you’ll have to revert to using a key or manually inputting the code until you can fix the issue.

How can I avoid having these problems in the future?

Maintenance is key to avoiding such problems in the future. Regularly inspect your Range Rover’s RFID components, keep the windshield clear of debris, and ensure that the vehicle’s electrical and power systems are functioning correctly.


A Range Rover windshield won’t read RFID tags issue is undoubtedly frustrating. However, with the right diagnosis and the right tools, you can fix it yourself or have someone else fix it for you.

From troubleshooting the issue with OBD codes and analyzing potential causes to assembling the required parts and tools, this article has covered everything you’ll need to know to get your luxury ride up and running.

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