Does Range Rover use real leather in its upholstery?

Ever wondered what’s beneath you when you slide into a luxurious Range Rover? Is it real leather that you’re feeling or a high-quality dupe? Range Rover offers two primary choices: premium leather and suede cloth.

Range Rover, a brand synonymous with opulence and refinement, is often questioned about its use of leather. Are they committed to using genuine leather, or have they shifted towards synthetic alternatives? It’s a valid question and one that many potential buyers and car enthusiasts often ask.

Whether you’re a prospective buyer, a Range Rover owner, or a car lover, this piece will give you a great overview of why luxury brands use real leather, so it’s not just Land Rover Range Rover!

Why luxury vehicles like Range Rover use real leather

Land Rover Range Rover Lansdowne Interior. Credit: Land Rover

High-end vehicles aren’t just about horsepower and sleek exteriors. They’re about an entirely integrated experience – and this absolutely includes the materials you’ll be touching, sitting on, and viewing every time you get behind the wheel.

Quality material screams luxury because it’s not only about look and feel. How the seats cradle the body, the grip on the steering wheel, even how the dashboard feels under your fingertips, all contribute to your overall driving experience.

Imagine getting into a Range Rover. You’re greeted by premium materials that wow your senses. Cool, supple leather seats that are comforting after a long day, a premium feel steering wheel that’s firm but not rigid, and a dashboard that’s solid yet stylish. These tactile experiences make a world of difference.

Interestingly, the material choice impacts not just the aesthetics, but also the car’s performance. Lighter materials can improve fuel efficiency and speed, while more robust ones provide durability.

Natural or synthetic leather is a go-to material for most luxury car makers because it hits the right balance between comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Look at it this way; luxury cars like the Range Rover are purchased because they provide something more than just transportation. They offer an enhanced driving experience that speaks to the driver’s style, comfort preferences, and yes, even their status.

Naturally, the quality of materials used in their construction plays a significant role.

Range Rover’s upholstery choices

Range Rover Sport driver seat won't move

A great deal of thought and consideration goes into crafting the interiors of luxury vehicles like the Range Rover. Meticulous attention to detail is paramount. Regarding upholstery, Range Rover offers two primary choices: premium leather and suede cloth.

Starting with the most traditional option, leather. Revered for its strength and longevity, leather adds a substantial degree of elegance to a car’s interior. The Range Rover goes a step further by employing high-grade, semi-aniline leather.

This not just amplifies the comfort level but also enhances the tactile experience. To ensure durability, this leather undergoes a rigorous process that treats and colors the material to resist wear and tear, all the while maintaining its characteristic luxury look.

Aside from leather, suede cloth is another material used in Range Rover upholstery. Cozy and elegant, it’s a popular choice for those who prefer a plush and softer feel. It’s not about compromising on durability though.

Range Rover ensures the suede cloth used in their vehicles is tough, resilient, and less prone to weathering, making it as practical as it is attractive.

While the Range Rover provides these two time-tested choices, it doesn’t stop there. You have the scope for customization even with these upholstery materials. You can take a luxury step further by opting for a bespoke interior. Elevating personalization, you’re able to choose not just the upholstery material but also the color scheme that best matches your personality and preferences.

This variety of upholstery choices underlines Range Rover’s commitment to delivering a superb in-car experience. Whether you opt for the rich and sumptuous leather or the highly sophisticated suede cloth, the upholstery is just one of the aspects that makes a Range Rover worth its price.

Discovering your preferred upholstery is a fascinating exploration in itself: Range Rover can’t be defined by its exterior alone, it’s also about the luxurious experience that waits on the inside.

Real leather or synthetic alternatives

For those of you who appreciate the rich aroma and the soft, plush feel that accompanies a leather interior, the Range Rover might be right up your street. Each Range Rover is adorned with high-quality, genuine leather. This material emphasizes the overall luxury experience, providing incomparable levels of comfort and sophistication.

But that’s not to say synthetic alternatives don’t make an appearance. In particular, suede cloth is another material at play in the Range Rover’s interior. The brand offers this option for individuals who prefer a different texture or are sensitive to the ethical implications linked to the use of leather.

Given the increase in demand for cruelty-free vehicles and sustainable alternatives, Range Rover provides an avenue for you to choose responsibly without compromising luxury. Their choice of upholstery remarkably blends aesthetics, comfort, and eco-responsibility.

Let’s have a close look at the upholstery options offered in terms of materials:

Upholstery Material ChoicesDescription
Genuine LeatherOffers a rich, luxurious feel and high durability. Perfect for those who appreciate tradition and sophistication.
Suede ClothProvides a soft, plush texture giving a distinctive look and feel. An excellent choice for eco-conscious customers.

You might wonder if there’s a significant difference in durability or longevity between these options. Well, while genuine leather might have a slight edge due to its natural durability, modern technology has significantly improved the lifespan and resilience of synthetic materials such as suede cloth.

Remember, the choice of upholstery is a key aspect of your Range Rover driving experience. Keep your personal preferences in mind while deciding on the best fit for you. Whether you go for the timeless appeal of genuine leather or the progressive edge of suede cloth, one thing is clear – Range Rover doesn’t skimp on luxury.

This unearths the facts about Range Rover’s choice of materials in their luxurious vehicles. Though the path of our exploration has led us here, this is by no means the end of the road. Stay with us as we journey further, exploring more facets of luxury vehicle design.

Benefits of genuine leather in Range Rover

Range Rover leather interior seats.

If you’re considering a Range Rover, the use of genuine leather is definitely a factor to consider. Real leather brings a classic luxury aesthetic that ups the ante for your driving experience! Let’s look into its benefits.

One big advantage of real leather is its unmatched feel. The tactile experience of real leather is hard to replicate – its inherent softness and warmth, combined with that unique scent, sets it apart. As you touch the steering wheel or recline in your seat, you’ll appreciate the distinct, reassuring feel of genuine leather.

Luxury and sophistication spring to mind when you mention real leather. In a Range Rover, this look is enhanced by the meticulous attention to detail in every stitch and finish. The overall effect? Absolute style, comfort, and refinement that’s reminiscent of a traditional British gentlemen’s club.

A major perk of using leather in your Range Rover is its durability. Genuine leather lasts significantly longer than most materials, provided it’s cared for properly. Not to mention, it ages beautifully! With time, leather develops a patina, a sheen that makes it even more appealing.

Lastly, the resilience of leather can’t be overlooked. Prolonged exposure to both extreme heat and cold won’t cause it to crack or peel. In addition, leather upholstery is resistant to dust mites and fungal attacks.

Here’s a snapshot of the key attributes of genuine leather:

AttributeGenuine leather
FeelUnmatched softness, warmth, unique scent
LookLuxurious, sophisticated, meticulously detailed
DurabilityLong-lasting, ages beautifully
ResilienceResistant to extreme temperatures, dust mites, and fungus

As has been detailed, the use of genuine leather in Range Rover vehicles escalates luxury to a new level. These insights should give you a clear picture of what to expect. Stick around as we continue discussing the many facets of luxury presented by the Range Rover brand.

Environmental impact and sustainability

Range Rover Sport SVR interior cabin.

When you think about Range Rover, luxury is probably the first thing that comes to your mind. And that luxury isn’t just about style or performance; it extends to how they treat our planet. You might be wondering how the use of genuine leather impacts the environment, and Range Rover acknowledges these concerns.

Range Rover ensures their leather sourcing doesn’t contribute to deforestation. They work with trusted, responsible providers to source their materials. Genuine leather used in Range Rover interiors is a bi-product of the meat industry. By using these bi-products, they reduce waste.

You might also worry about the production process of this genuine leather. But rest assured, Range Rover has strict guidelines for their suppliers to ensure environmentally friendly practices in the process. This means the leather’s production, from the cattle farm, through the tannery all the way to your vehicle seat, is monitored for sustainability.

But wait, there’s more. It’s not just about the environmental footprint during production. What about when your Range Rover ages or if you decide it’s time for a new vehicle? Here’s where the benefits of leather surface again.

Leather, being a natural product, is biodegradable over time. This is a stark contrast to synthetic alternatives like plastic or vinyl which can take up to a thousand years to decompose. Decomposing leather adds nutrients back to the soil, making it an eco-friendly material in the long term.

Range Rover takes their environmental responsibilities seriously. They have thought through every step in their production process to reduce environmental harm while still delivering the luxury and comfort you seek in a Range Rover. This conscientious approach ensures that driving a Range Rover allows you to enjoy opulence with a clear conscience.

Frequently asked questions

What upholstery options does Range Rover offer?

Range Rover offers a variety of upholstery options, including premium leather and suede cloth. They cater to different individual preferences and those conscious of ethical implications linked to leather usage.

Does Range Rover utilize real leather in their upholstery?

Yes, Range Rover uses both real leather and synthetic alternatives in their upholstery. The choice depends on the customer’s preference and comfort.

Is genuine leather superior in quality than synthetic materials?

While genuine leather may have a slight edge in durability, the quality of synthetic materials has significantly improved due to modern technology, making them quite resilient.

What environmental implications are tied to Range Rover’s use of genuine leather?

Range Rover ensures the sourcing of their leather doesn’t contribute to deforestation. The leather used is a by-product of the meat industry, reducing waste. Leather is biodegradable over time, unlike synthetic alternatives, and adds nutrients back to soil.

Does Range Rover follow any guidelines regarding their materials’ production?

Range Rover has strict guidelines for its suppliers to ensure environmentally friendly practices in the production process. This is to ensure reduced environmental harm while delivering luxury and comfort to their customers.


Range Rover does use genuine leather in their vehicles, but they also provide synthetic alternatives for those who prefer it. They’ve got you covered whether you’re after the durability of real leather or the ethical and texture considerations of faux materials. What’s more, Range Rover is committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

They ensure their leather doesn’t contribute to deforestation and is a by-product of the meat industry. Plus, they demand their suppliers adhere to eco-friendly production methods. Remember, while synthetic materials have come a long way, leather remains biodegradable and returns nutrients to the soil over time.

At the end of the day, Range Rover is about delivering luxury and comfort without compromising their environmental responsibilities.

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