Range Rover vs Range Rover Sport – Main differences

The main differences between the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport lie in their size, design, and driving dynamics. The Range Rover is larger and offers a more luxurious and relaxed driving experience. The Range Rover Sport is slightly smaller and more focused on sportiness and performance.

Whether you are planning to purchase a new SUV or simply curious about these models, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

Comparison of Range Rover vs Range Rover Sport

Both the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport belong to Land Rover’s prestigious lineup of SUVs.

While they share some similarities, they are distinct in their own ways.

Range Rover

Range Rover

The Range Rover is the flagship luxury SUV of Land Rover. Known for its opulence, elegance, and off-road capabilities, it has become an icon in the automotive industry.

The Range Rover is designed to provide a comfortable and luxurious ride, regardless of the terrain.

With its road dominating presence and spacious interior, it offers a premium driving experience.

Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport SVR

The Range Rover Sport, on the other hand, is a slightly smaller and sportier version of its big brother.

It combines the luxuriousness of the Range Rover with sporty dynamics and enhanced performance.

The Range Rover Sport is designed to offer a more engaging and spirited driving experience, without compromising on the comfort and versatility that the Range Rover is known for.

Design and styling

Aesthetics plays a significant role when it comes to luxury SUVs. Let’s compare the design and styling of the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

The Range Rover boasts a timeless and sophisticated exterior design. Its sleek lines, bold grille, and iconic floating roof create an elegant and commanding presence.

The Range Rover’s design emphasizes its status as a luxury vehicle while maintaining a rugged appeal.

On the other hand, the Range Rover Sport takes a more dynamic and aggressive approach.

Its sportier styling cues, such as a more pronounced grille, muscular wheel arches, and a sloping roofline, give it a more athletic and performance-oriented look.

The Range Rover Sport’s design appeals to those who seek a sporty SUV without compromising on luxury.

Performance and capability

Luxury SUVs should not only look good but also offer exceptional performance and capability.

Engine options

Both the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport offer a range of engine options, allowing buyers to choose the powertrain that suits their preferences.

The Range Rover is available with various engine choices, including powerful petrol and diesel options.

It also offers a plug-in hybrid variant, combining electric and combustion power for enhanced efficiency.

The Range Rover Sport offers similar engine options to the Range Rover but with a focus on performance.

It offers powerful V6 and V8 engines, delivering exhilarating acceleration and a thrilling driving experience.

Off-road capability

One of the key strengths of Land Rover SUVs is their off-road capability.

The Range Rover and Range Rover Sport are no exceptions, offering impressive off-road features.

Both models boast Land Rover’s renowned Terrain Response system, which automatically adjusts the vehicle’s settings to tackle different terrains.

With advanced off-road technologies like Hill Descent Control and All-Terrain Progress Control, the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport can conquer challenging landscapes with ease.

Interior and comfort

Luxury SUVs are known for their opulent interiors and advanced features.

Step inside the Range Rover, and you’ll be greeted by a sumptuous interior crafted with the finest materials.

The cabin exudes a sense of luxury, featuring premium leather upholstery, wood trim, and advanced technology.

The Range Rover offers spacious seating for up to five passengers, ensuring everyone can enjoy a comfortable ride.

Similarly, the Range Rover Sport’s interior is a blend of luxury and sportiness.

The cabin reflects its dynamic character, featuring sportier seats and a driver-focused design.

The Range Rover Sport offers seating for up to seven passengers, making it a great option for larger families or those who need extra space.

Technology and features

Advanced technology has become an integral part of modern vehicles, and luxury SUVs are no exception.

Both models come equipped with a comprehensive array of technology and features.

From the latest infotainment systems to advanced driver assistance systems, the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport offer a cutting-edge driving experience.

The Range Rover’s Touch Pro Duo infotainment system features dual touchscreens, allowing intuitive control of various functions.

It also offers features like a Meridian™ sound system, a head-up display, and adaptive cruise control.

The Range Rover Sport offers similar technology features with some sport-oriented additions.

It includes features like a SportShift Selector, steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters, and configurable dynamics to enhance the driving experience.


Are the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport equally capable off-road?

Yes, both the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport share Land Rover’s renowned off-road capability. They come equipped with advanced off-road features and technology to tackle challenging terrains with ease.

Can the Range Rover Sport accommodate more passengers?

Yes, the Range Rover Sport offers an optional third-row seating configuration, allowing it to accommodate up to seven passengers. The Range Rover, on the other hand, offers seating for up to five passengers.

Are there any differences in engine options between the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport?

While both models offer a range of engine options, the Range Rover Sport places a greater emphasis on performance and offers more powerful engine choices compared to the Range Rover.

Which model should I choose if I want luxury and comfort?

If luxury and comfort are your top priorities, the Range Rover is the ideal choice. It offers a more spacious and opulent interior, making it perfect for those seeking the ultimate luxury SUV experience.

Which model should I choose if I want sportiness and performance?

If you prioritize sportiness and performance, the Range Rover Sport is the better option. Its sportier design and performance-focused features create a more engaging and spirited driving experience.


The Range Rover and Range Rover Sport comparison showcases the distinct personalities of these luxury SUVs.

Whether you prefer the refined and luxurious nature of the Range Rover or the sportier dynamics of the Range Rover Sport, both models offer exceptional capabilities and advanced features.

It ultimately comes down to your preferences and priorities when choosing between these iconic vehicles.

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