Should I buy a Range Rover with over 200k miles?

Owning a Land Rover Range Rover with over 200k miles can be a rewarding experience, but it also comes with challenges like stress and money!

In this article, I’ll share my experience and knowledge and help you decide whether a high-mileage Range Rover is a good investment.

Pros of buying a high-mileage Range Rover

Bargain prices

One of the biggest advantages of buying a high-mileage Range Rover is the affordability.

These Range Rovers are usually sold for a fraction of the cost of a new one or even a low-mileage used one.

This means you can have all the luxury and capability of a Range Rover without spending a fortune.

You can even buy a good bargain with a used Range Rover over 100k miles.

Proven reliability

Range Rovers are built to last, and many owners report reaching well over 200k miles without any major problems.

These vehicles are designed to handle all sorts of terrain for long periods of time, giving them a proven track record of reliability if looked after correctly.

Great aftermarket support

Range Rovers have a large following, which means there is a lot of aftermarket support available.

Many auto shops specialize in Range Rovers, making repairs and maintenance more accessible and affordable.

Cons of buying a high-mileage Range Rover

Cost of maintenance

While Range Rovers are built to last, they do require regular maintenance and repair, especially as they get older.

This can be expensive, and parts and labor costs can add up quickly.

Unknown history

When buying a used Range Rover, it’s not always possible to know the car’s full history.

With high-mileage Range Rovers, there’s a risk that the vehicle has been poorly maintained or driven too hard, causing wear and tear on the engine and other components.

Lower resale value

High-mileage vehicles typically have a lower resale value than low-mileage vehicles.

This means that when it comes time to sell the vehicle, you may not get as much for it as you would with a lower-mileage car.

Maintenance tips for high-mileage Range Rovers

If you do decide to buy a high-mileage Range Rover, there are some things you can do to ensure it stays running well:

Regular oil changes

Regular oil changes are essential for any vehicle, but especially for high-mileage Range Rovers. This will help keep the engine running smoothly and prevent wear and tear on the internal components.

Check fluid levels

Check all fluid levels on a regular basis, including coolant, transmission fluid, and brake fluid.

Low levels can cause severe damage if not addressed quickly.

Monitor tire wear

Proper tire maintenance is critical for any vehicle. Check tire pressure regularly and rotate the tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles to ensure even wear.

When you buy a used Range Rover, I tend to change the tires even if they seem okay. Check out the best tires for a Range Rover to give an idea of the variety.

Address small problems quickly

If you notice any issues with your Range Rover, address them as soon as possible.

Ignoring small issues can lead to much larger problems down the road.


So, should you buy a Range Rover with over 200k miles? Well, it depends on your budget and personal preferences.

While there are certainly risks involved, owning a high-mileage Range Rover can be a rewarding experience, especially if you prioritize regular maintenance.

As for me, I’ve owned several high-mileage Range Rovers over the years, and they’ve been some of the most reliable and capable vehicles I’ve ever owned.

But, as with any used car, it’s all about doing your research, being vigilant about maintenance, and being prepared for the unexpected.

Good luck with your decision, and happy driving!

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