Gareth Boyd

Gareth Boyd

An avid Land Rover fan, and lover of all models, specifically Range Rover Sports. Having owned over 5 Ranger Rover models, he has encountered every error code and problem you could imagine!

What is a Range Rover panoramic roof?

Range Rover panoramic roof.

A Range Rover panoramic roof is a large, extended sunroof spanning a significant portion of the vehicle’s roof, providing passengers an expansive and open-air experience. It enhances natural light and offers scenic views, creating a more spacious and airy interior…

Range Rover SVR vs Lamborghini Urus

Range Rover SVR vs Lamborghini Urus.

The Range Rover SVR and Lamborghini Urus are high-performance SUVs but differ in brand, styling, and driving experience. The SVR offers luxury and off-road capability, while the Urus is a more aggressive and sport-oriented SUV with a higher price point.…

Range Rover jerks when accelerating

Red Range Rover Sport driving on road.

A Range Rover jerking during acceleration can be due to various issues, including transmission problems, fuel system issues, or engine misfires. A diagnostic check by a mechanic is advisable to identify and address the specific cause. This problem can be…