Rent a Range Rover in Melbourne

Rent a Range Rover in Melbourne

Rent a Range Rover in Melbourne

Compare the best Range Rover rental companies so you can rent a Range Rover in Melbourne with ease and at the best fixed price.

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Comparison of Range Rover rental companies in Melbourne

To help you make an informed decision, let’s compare some of the key features of Range Rover rental services in Melbourne:

Rental CompanyRange Rover Models AvailableRental RatesInsurance OptionsAdditional Services
KayakRange Rover Sport, Velar, Evoque, AutobiographyCompetitive and transparentComprehensive coverageChauffeur services, delivery/pickupGet A Quote
EnterpriseRange Rover Sport, Velar, Evoque, AutobiographyVaries based on modelFull coverage, liability onlyGPS rental, airport deliveryGet A Quote
SixtRange Rover Sport, Velar, Evoque, AutobiographyAffordable and flexibleComprehensive insuranceExotic car driving experiences, eventsGet A Quote

Range Rover models available for rent in Melbourne

If you’re looking to rent a Range Rover in Melbourne, you’re in luck. From powerful engines to luxurious interiors, Range Rovers offer a superior driving experience. Here are some of the models available for rent:

  • Range Rover Vogue: The epitome of luxury and elegance, the Range Rover Vogue is perfect for special occasions like weddings or corporate events. With its spacious interior and advanced features, this model is sure to turn heads wherever you go.
  • Range Rover Sport: For those seeking a blend of performance and style, the Range Rover Sport is an excellent choice. Equipped with a powerful engine and sporty design, it’s perfect for thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts.
  • Range Rover Velar: If you’re looking for a more modern and sleek design, the Range Rover Velar is the way to go. Its cutting-edge technology and contemporary styling make it a popular choice among fashion-forward individuals.
  • Range Rover Evoque: Compact yet stylish, the Range Rover Evoque is ideal for urban exploration. Its compact size makes it easy to navigate through city streets while still providing the luxury and comfort you would expect from a Range Rover.

Pricing for renting a Range Rover in Melbourne

The cost of renting a Range Rover in Melbourne can vary depending on factors such as the model, duration of rental, and any additional services or amenities. Generally, prices for renting a Range Rover in Melbourne range from $300 to $600 per day.

It’s important to note that rates may be higher during peak seasons or special events. Additionally, rental companies may offer discounts or promotional offers that can help you save on the overall cost.

Discounts for Range Rover rentals in Melbourne

When renting a Range Rover in Melbourne, there are several possible discounts that you may qualify for. Make sure to inquire with the rental company about any available discounts before making your reservation. Some of the common discounts offered by rental companies include:

  • Long-term rental discount: If you’re planning to rent a Range Rover for an extended period, many rental companies offer discounted rates for weekly or monthly rentals.
  • Corporate discount: If you’re renting a Range Rover for business purposes, check if your company has any corporate partnerships or agreements with rental companies that offer discounted rates.
  • Membership or loyalty program discount: Some rental companies have loyalty programs or memberships that offer exclusive discounts to their repeat customers.
  • Promotional offers: Keep an eye out for any ongoing promotions or seasonal offers that rental companies may have. These can provide significant savings on your rental.

Requirements and documentation for renting a Range Rover in Melbourne

To rent a Range Rover in Melbourne, you’ll need to fulfill certain requirements and provide specific documentation. Here are the typical requirements and documents you’ll need:

  • Valid driver’s license: You must have a valid driver’s license, preferably an international one if you’re an international visitor.
  • Age requirement: Most rental companies require renters to be at least 25 years old, but some may have a minimum age requirement of 21.
  • Credit card: You’ll typically need a credit card in your name to secure the booking and cover any additional charges or damages.
  • Proof of insurance: Rental companies may request proof of insurance coverage for liability, collision, and comprehensive damages. Check if your personal insurance policy or credit card provides coverage for rental vehicles.
  • Additional identification: Bringing a second form of identification, such as a passport or government-issued ID, is usually a good idea.

Check with the specific rental company for their specific requirements and any additional documentation they may need.

Range Rover rental insurance options in Melbourne

When renting a Range Rover in Melbourne, it’s important to consider insurance options to protect yourself and the vehicle. Here are the commonly offered insurance options:

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): This option limits your liability in case of damage or theft of the rental vehicle. It may come with an excess fee, which is the maximum amount you’re responsible for paying in case of an incident.
  • Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI): SLI provides additional coverage for third-party liability claims that exceed the limits of the rental company’s basic insurance.
  • Personal Accident Insurance (PAI): PAI provides coverage for medical expenses and accidental death benefits for the driver and passengers in the rental vehicle.
  • Personal Effects Coverage: This insurance option covers personal belongings stolen or damaged while in the rental vehicle.

Remember to review the terms and conditions of the insurance coverage and any existing insurance policies you may have to avoid any unnecessary double coverage.

Booking process for renting a Range Rover in Melbourne

Renting a Range Rover in Melbourne is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the booking process:

  1. Research rental companies: Start by researching reputable rental companies in Melbourne that offer Range Rover rentals. Look for reviews and compare prices and services.
  2. Choose a model: Determine which Range Rover model best suits your needs and preferences.
  3. Check availability: Contact the rental company or visit their website to check the availability of your chosen model for your desired dates.
  4. Compare prices: Compare the prices offered by different rental companies to get the best deal.
  5. Make a reservation: Once you’ve found the rental company and model you want, make a reservation either online or by contacting the rental company directly. Provide all necessary details, such as pick-up location, drop-off location, and rental duration.
  6. Confirm reservation: Make sure to review your reservation details, including dates, times, and any additional services or options you’ve selected. Confirm the reservation and provide any required payment or deposit.

Range Rover pickup and return procedures in Melbourne

To ensure a smooth rental experience, familiarize yourself with the pickup and return procedures for your Range Rover rental in Melbourne. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Pickup procedure

  1. Arrival: Arrive at the designated pickup location at the scheduled time.
  2. Documentation: Provide the required documentation, including your driver’s license, credit card, and any additional documents requested by the rental company.
  3. Vehicle inspection: Conduct a thorough inspection of the rental vehicle with the rental company representative. Take note of any existing damages and ensure they are documented in the rental agreement.
  4. Payment: Complete any outstanding payments, such as the rental fee, security deposit, or additional charges.
  5. Orientation: Familiarize yourself with the vehicle’s features and operations. Ask any questions you may have about the vehicle.
  6. Sign the rental agreement: Carefully read the rental agreement and sign it to acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Return procedure

  1. Scheduled return: Return the Range Rover to the designated drop-off location at the scheduled time.
  2. Vehicle inspection: Accompany the rental company representative for a final inspection of the vehicle. Ensure any damages are documented.
  3. Return documentation: Provide any necessary documentation, such as the rental agreement and keys.
  4. Billing and final charges: Review the final charges, including any additional fees or damages. Ensure you’re aware of any outstanding payments or refunds.
  5. Confirm completion: Confirm that the rental process has been completed, and inquire about when you can expect the return of your security deposit if applicable.

Additional services and amenities for Range Rover rentals in Melbourne

When renting a Range Rover in Melbourne, you may have access to additional services and amenities to enhance your rental experience. Here are some common offerings:

  • Chauffeur service: If you prefer to have a professional driver, rental companies may provide the option of hiring a chauffeur for your Range Rover rental.
  • GPS navigation: Some rental companies offer GPS navigation devices to help you navigate Melbourne and its surroundings.
  • Child car seats: If you’re traveling with children, rental companies may have child car seats available for rent to ensure their safety and comfort.
  • Additional equipment: Depending on your needs, rental companies may offer additional equipment such as roof racks, ski racks, or bike racks.
  • Concierge services: Some rental companies provide concierge services to assist with restaurant reservations, event tickets, and other special requests.

Keep in mind that additional services and amenities may incur extra fees, so inquire about the availability and cost when making your reservation.

Range Rover rental policies for additional drivers in Melbourne

If you’re planning to share the driving duties during your Range Rover rental in Melbourne, it’s essential to understand the rental company’s policies for additional drivers. Here are some common policies:

  • Authorized drivers: Only drivers listed on the rental agreement are allowed to operate the vehicle. Make sure to add any additional drivers during the initial booking process.
  • Age restrictions: Additional drivers must meet the same age requirements as the primary driver, typically being 25 years old or older.
  • Driver documentation: Additional drivers will need to present their valid driver’s license and any other required documents when picking up the vehicle.
  • Payment: Additional drivers may be subject to additional fees or charges. Check with the rental company for their specific policies.

Always check with the rental company for any specific requirements or restrictions regarding additional drivers to ensure compliance with their policies.

Return procedures and final charges for Range Rover rentals in Melbourne

When returning your Range Rover rental in Melbourne, it’s important to follow the return procedures and be aware of any final charges you may incur. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Scheduled return: Return the Range Rover to the designated drop-off location at the agreed-upon date and time.
  • Vehicle inspection: Accompany the rental company representative for a final inspection of the vehicle. Any damages beyond normal wear and tear may result in additional charges.
  • Fuel level: Make sure to return the vehicle with the same fuel level as when you picked it up. Failure to do so may result in refueling charges.
  • Mileage: Some rental companies have mileage limitations. Check if there are any excess mileage charges and ensure you’ve calculated and accounted for your total mileage.
  • Final charges: Review the final charges on your invoice, including any additional fees, applicable taxes, and outstanding payments. Ensure you understand and agree with the charges before making the final payment.
  • Return of security deposit: If you’ve paid a security deposit, inquire about when and how you will receive your deposit after the rental is completed.

Always keep copies and documentation of the rental agreement and receipts for reference.


Can I rent a Range Rover in Melbourne without a credit card?

Yes, some rental companies may accept cash payments or debit cards as an alternative to a credit card. However, they may require a larger cash deposit or additional proof of identification to secure the rental.

What happens if I damage the Range Rover during the rental period?

If you damage the Range Rover during the rental period, you may be liable for repair costs. The rental company will assess the damage and inform you of any charges. If you have purchased collision damage waiver insurance, it may limit your liability for the damages.

Is it possible to extend the rental period?

In most cases, it is possible to extend the rental period. However, availability may vary, and additional charges may apply. Contact the rental company as early as possible to inquire about extending your rental and any associated fees.

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