Range Rover key won’t turn to remove the fuse

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As a proud owner of a Range Rover, I’m sure you already know the reputation the brand has for reliability issues.

You’re not alone if you’ve experienced problems with your Rover’s steering column in the past.

One issue that owners often face is when their Range Rover key won’t turn, making it impossible to start their car.

In this article, we’ll discuss the signs and symptoms of this issue, possible OBD codes associated with it, common causes, and how to fix it.

We’ll also cover whether or not it’s possible to fix it without a mechanic, the parts and tools you need, any potential alternative causes, and provide some FAQs for guidance.

Let’s get started!

What models are affected?

Signs and symptoms

When you put your key in the ignition and turn it, you expect your Range Rover to start.

However, sometimes the key won’t turn, or it may turn and get stuck in the ignition. If you try to remove the key, you may find that it won’t come out, leaving you stranded.

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List of possible OBD codes

When you experience a Range Rover key that won’t turn, the OBD system may throw a code related to the ignition switch.

Common codes include:

  • P0513- Incorrect Immobilizer Key
  • P1692- Out-of-Range Immobilizer Received
  • P1662- Immobilizer Fuel Enable Signal Not Received
  • B3055- Ignition Key-in Circuit Malfunction

Common causes

Now that you know the signs and symptoms and possible OBD codes, let’s discuss some common causes. These include:

  • Steering Column Issues: This issue is a common cause of a locked ignition. When the steering column doesn’t unlock, you’re unable to turn the key or remove it from the ignition.
  • Ignition Cylinder Issues: The ignition cylinder is the part of the ignition that is responsible for turning the engine on and off. When the cylinder loses its ability to communicate with the ignition switch, it can cause the key to get stuck.
  • Dead Key Fob: If your key isn’t turning, the issue could be related to your key fob. It’s possible that the battery in your key fob is dead or dying.
  • Dead Battery: It’s also possible that your car battery is dead or dying, which can cause issues turning the key.

Can it be fixed without a mechanic?

Yes, it is possible to fix this issue without a mechanic.

However, we strongly recommend that you consult with your local Range Rover dealership for guidance before attempting the repairs yourself.

Parts you’ll need to fix it

Here is a list of parts you might need to fix the issue:

  • New key fob battery
  • New ignition cylinder
  • New steering column
  • New car battery (if the issue is related to a dead battery)

Tools you’ll need to fix it

Here is a list of tools you will need to fix the issue:

  • Wrench set
  • Screwdriver set
  • Socket wrench set
  • Pliers set

How to fix it

If you’re going to attempt to fix the issue yourself, follow these steps:

  1. First, check the steering column and make sure it’s not locked. If it is, unlock it before attempting to turn the key.
  2. If the steering column isn’t locked, try to turn the key again. If it still won’t turn, try replacing the battery in your key fob.
  3. If replacing the key fob battery doesn’t work, then the issue might be with the ignition cylinder. Remove the ignition cylinder and replace it with a new one.
  4. If the issue still persists, the problem might be with your vehicle’s steering column. This is a complicated process, and we recommend seeking professional help from a mechanic or dealership.

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Potential alternative causes

If you’ve attempted to follow the above steps and the issue still hasn’t been resolved, there may be other alternative causes. These include:

  • Wiring issues
  • Faulty ignition switch
  • Bad starter motor


What should I do if my key gets stuck in the ignition?

If your key gets stuck in the ignition, the most crucial thing to do is not panic. Try to stay calm and take the necessary steps to remove the key. Follow the steps outlined in this article or contact your local Range Rover dealership for further guidance.

Why won’t my key turn in the ignition?

Your key might not turn in the ignition because of steering column issues, ignition cylinder issues, a dead key fob, or a dead car battery. Check those parts first before attempting other solutions.

Can a dead car battery cause a key ignition problem?

Yes, a dead or dying car battery can cause issues with the ignition.


Last updated and verified on 4th September 2023

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